Wikimedia SAARC: a regional collaboration platform of South Asian Wikimedians

First Wikimedia SAARC meet-up 2015 (Berlin)

Group Photograph of participants in the first meeting (Berlin, 2015); Photograph was taken by Wikimedia Deutschland.

It was in Berlin, Wikimedia Conference, 2015. Representatives of Wikimedia Bangladesh (Nahid Sultan & Ali Haidar Khan), India (Yohann Varun Thomas & Ravishankar Ayyakkannu) and Nepal (Ganesh Paudel & Saroj Dhakal) chapters decided to create a regional collaboration platform where communities of South Asia can help each others pooling resources, hosting events and promoting Wikimedia projects. Nahid Sultan proposed the name of this new entity ‘Wikimedia SAARC’.

It was felt that these regions have common history and tradition along with issues and problems, which can be addressed easily from this platform.  The name SAARC comes from an already exist regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union in South Asia. The word SAARC is a short form of ‘South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation’. After the creation of Wikimedia SAARC back in 2015, we’ve organized a number of meet-ups during various international & regional Wikipedia conference. In 2016, Wikimedia usergroup from Pakistan and Sri Lanka have also joined us.

If your country/language community is a part of SAARC region and is going to set up a chapter, hosting events and other activities, our existing SAARC chapters and communities would like to give you a hand. Join the mailing list and get into contact with the existing communities in South Asia, we’ll be happy to share our experience and offer the necessary expertise.



Nahid Sultan

My name is Nahid Sultan but you can call me Nahid. I hail from Bangladesh, a country in South Asia. Bengali is my native language though I'm able to communicate in English as well. Among other things I usually contribute in Wikipedia where I support the corpus of Wikimedia projects as a steward and an administrator on some projects.

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